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Project Description
This is a managed .Net API constructed in VB.Net for the purpose of programmatically communicating to a Nabaztag rabbit.

This .Net based API wraps the HTTP based API hosted by Violet on the Nabaztag servers. This Nabaztag API is developed with a special emphasis on discoverability and extensibility.

The Nabaztag rabbit is a small WIFI device that supports features such as text-to-speach, robotic ear movement, and led display. The rabbit connects to and awaits commands from the Nabaztag servers. These commands can vary from messages within the Nabaztag social network of people "living with rabbits" to activities originating from your own .Net applications. Martin Woodward has ingeniously wired a Nabaztag rabbit to the eventing system of a Team Foundation Server. With this Nabaztag Rabbit API, you should be able to have fun integrating a rabbit into any of your systems with greater ease.


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